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A well-written sponsorship letter can get you the best sponsors for your program or event. This means you need to be direct to the point, clear and not sound boring while marketing yourself to your prospective sponsors. Get Sponsored Fast has more helpful tips on how you can get sponsors.

Blogs are helpful in promoting a cause or growing your business. However, as in all business fields, bloggers who are only new to the field may find it difficult at first to get sponsors for their blogs, especially with thousands of already established blogs dominating the world wide web.

Before you go looking for sponsors, make sure your blog is worth reading, as you may find it hard to earn the trust of sponsors if you have only a few unique visitors. Maintain a blog that’s easily navigable and easy to read. A clean and attractive blog appearance, paired with regularly published fresh content, attracts more followers. Offer giveaways through independent contests to earn more readers. Once you have established a dedicated following, it would be easier to convince sponsors that you can promote their products successfully.

Be realistic. If your blog is very new, sponsors will not come to you. You need to get on your feet to find one. Start with friends and family with businesses, then check their network connections. Scour blogs of similar size and content and find out who their sponsors are. Be proactive. Feature brand items that you like, then send out emails to the respective companies with your website link, stating their products have been featured in your blog.

Once you have a list of potential sponsors, create a formal letter expressing your interest in ad promotion. Make it specific and unique. Do not simply copy and paste letters from the internet. Familiarize yourself with their products and state their brand’s positive attributes that make you want to advertise them. Know that you may have to settle for free promotions at first, as you need to establish a name first as a legitimate and effective promoter.

When you have earned your sponsors, maintain a good relationship with them. Plug them in social networking sites, and in other vehicles that will help them spread the word. The key to achieving this is to handpick only those products that you believe in. Otherwise, this will deter a good relationship between you and your sponsor, and you will find it hard to further get sponsors that will trust you with their products. These are only basic guidelines for blog sponsorship. Our Get Sponsored Fast Guidebook contains a more elaborate and comprehensive guide on sponsorships.
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