Obtaining a Sponsorship Isn’t as Hard as Many Think

Sponsorship ProposalMany events fail to take place, and many athletes don’t participate in major events due to a lack of funds. When an individual wants to get a project going, they may lack the needed funds, and the same is true when one wishes to start a new venture. With the help of a corporate sponsorship, however, individuals find they can move forward with their plans, take part in an event, or get their new project off the ground quickly. Obtaining a sponsorship doesn’t have to be difficult, yet many don’t understand how to go about doing so.


The first step involves determining what companies are looking for when sponsoring a person or event. Understanding a company’s motivation makes it easier to determine which organizations to send a corporate sponsorship letter to, as the key to success lies in finding target sponsors that can provide the needed funds and that wish to sponsor individuals, projects, ventures and events similar to the one being discussed. These companies are the ones the person wishing to obtain the sponsorship needs to concentrate on to obtain the best results. The sponsorship letter serves as an introduction and encourages the person to continue reading, and one may find a sample sponsorship letter here.


The sponsorship letter becomes part of a packet sent to potential sponsors. This sponsorship proposal packet is of great importance in that it provides more information about the project, event, individual or venture. The packet needs to contain a number of items, such as a mission statement, to show the company why the sponsorship will be of benefit to them, and it needs to contain a call to action. These are only two of numerous items which one will want to include in a packet of this type, and all need to be included to obtain the best results.


Individuals must follow up once these sponsorship packets have been delivered. A phone call needs to be placed to each potential sponsor a few days after the packets have been received. The potential sponsor may ask questions during this call, and contact information should be provided during the conversation so the potential sponsor knows where to direct future communications.

Corporate sponsors help many individuals move forward with a dream. Obtaining a sponsorship doesn’t have to be difficult. Start the process today for great results.

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